4 Myths About Florida Auto Insurance Quotes

People often keep the same auto insurance they have had for years because they believe it is complicated and time-consuming to get new quotes. However, that is not usually the case; you can often get a quick quote online that only requires a few minutes of your time. Several myths surrounding insurance quotes can also influence your decision.

FL Auto Insurance Goes Up With Age

Many people believe that it costs more for Florida auto insurance as you age. The truth is that auto insurance does not work like life insurance. In fact, with a good driving record, your insurance can actually decrease. You may also be able to take a defensive driving course to reduce your rates. Another factor is how much you drive. Since retired people often drive less than younger drivers, they may qualify for discounts based on their mileage.

FL Auto Insurance Covers All Damage To Your Car

Not all insurance is the same. If you only get liability insurance, you are covered if you cause damage to another car but it will not pay for repairs on your car. Collision insurance will pay for repairs if the damage is caused by an accident regardless of who is at fault. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle from other sources, such as theft or natural disaster. When obtaining Florida auto insurance quotes, make sure you know what coverage you are getting; this can influence the pricing.

FL Auto Insurance Covers You When Using Your Car For Business

Many people think that their auto insurance covers them if they use their car regularly for work. This can vary based on the policy and type of work involved. Furthermore, you may not be covered under your employer’s policy. An example of this is a delivery person that uses their own car to make deliveries to customers. Your employer most likely will not pay for damage to your car or damage done by your car to other people or property. Your personal insurance may also deny the claim. It is essential to find this out when getting Florida auto insurance quotes before you select coverage.

FL Auto Insurance Costs Change Based On Car Color

Many factors about your car affect the price of insurance; however, color is not one of them. The myth that red cars cost more to insure is not valid or supported by research. Insurance companies do care about the make and model of your car for a couple of reasons. First, it allows them to determine how costly repairs to your car will be, which can make insurance more expensive. Second, it tells them how attractive your car is to thieves, which will influence the cost of comprehensive insurance coverage.

Before obtaining auto insurance quotes, make sure you separate the facts from the myths. This will influence your expectations and help you obtain a more accurate quote for your needs.