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        About the GroupChinese


              Shandong Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd (SISG) was established on Mar. 17,2008, located in Jinan,Shandong. SISG is the limited liability company invested by State-owned assets supervision and administration committee of shandong provincial people's government, Shandong Guohui investment Limited Company and Shandong social security fund council.

              With a registered capital of 11.193 billion yuan, and its enterprise credit rating is AAA.The subsidiaries and auxiliary organizations of SISG include: Shandong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd, Laiwu Iron & Steel Group Ltd. Co., SISG Mining Company Ltd., SISG International trading Company Ltd., SISG real estate Company Ltd., SISG Finance Company Ltd., SISG Financial Holding (Shenzhen)Company Ltd., Shandong Refractory Materials Company, Shanxin Software Company Ltd., SISG Yongfeng Zibo Company Ltd., SISG Zibo Zhanggang Ltd. Co., Shandong Vocational College of Industry.


        In 2020, the operating revenue of Shandong Iron and Steel Group exceeded 220 billion yuan, the steel output exceeded 31 million tons, and the profit level reached at 10 billion level, ranking 459 in Fortune 500, 113 in 2020 top 500 Chinese enterprises, and 43 in 2020 top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises. The comprehensive competitiveness rating of SISG stayed in the A + (extremely competitive) ranks of Chinese iron and steel enterprises for three consecutive years.

        ? ? ? SISG?focuses on the development of three main industries, including "ferrous metal mining, smelting and processing, iron and steel trade and services, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and technical services", cultivates and develops industrial finance, industrial park development and operation, information technology and other emerging industries.

        Adhere to the principle of "highlighting the coastal areas, optimizing the inland areas, and paying equal attention to the quality and scale", SISG focus on the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, and strives to build Rizhao steel quality base, Laigang steel quality base, Linyi Lingang advanced special steel base, Dezhou Yongfeng short process high-quality building materials base, gradually forms an annual production scale of more than 30 million tons of steel, with the technology and equipment reaching the domestic leading level.

        The main steel products include four series: plate and strip, section steel, special steel and building materials, which are sold well in China and more than 70 countries and regions. They have been successfully applied in important projects such as Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Daxing International Airport, Beijing Winter Olympic Games venues, Arctic Yamal LNG project, etc. More than 30 iron and steel products have been awarded China famous brand, Shandong famous brand, national metallurgical product quality award and "golden cup award".

        ? ? ? SISG is determined to build a world-class enterprise and strive to forge comparative advantages of green, intelligent and sustainable development. Adhering to the core values of "co creation, progress and win-win", we have formed a strategic partnership with more than 100 large enterprise groups at home and abroad to jointly build and share a high-quality steel ecosystem. In depth implementation of the concept of green development, Shandong Province took the lead in realizing the ultra-low emission transformation of the whole process of iron and steel. Its three enterprises were rated as grade A enterprises in the performance rating of key industries of heavy pollution weather in 2020, and became the demonstrator and leader of the green transformation of iron and steel enterprises in Shandong Province. Vigorously implement the innovation driven development strategy, with 27 scientific and technological innovation platforms at or above the provincial level, more than 40 scientific and technological enterprises of various types, and won 7 National Science and technology progress awards and 233 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

        ? ? ? SISG earnestly fulfills the political, social and economic responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, comprehensively strengthens the Party's construction and leadership, deepens the reconstruction of state-owned capital investment companies, deeply promotes the market-oriented reform, and promotes the state-owned capital and state-owned enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger.?

        ? ? ? During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the total assets of enterprises increased by nearly 50%; operation revenue doubled; The average annual compound growth rate of staff income exceeded 17%; 7.8 billion yuan was invested in environmental protection, 123 million tons of pig iron, 127 million tons of crude steel and 124 million tons of steel were contributed to the society, and the accumulated tax was 35.890 billion yuan.Actively practice the belief pursuit of "feelings for the people, well-being of employees", always adhere to the principle of "development for employees, development depends on employees, and development achievements are shared by employees", and comprehensively implement the construction of "happy and harmonious new Shandong steel", so as to make the steps of promoting high-quality development more solid and the enthusiasm of realizing dreams more passionate.

        About the Group

        ? ? ? Based on the new development stage, carrying out the new development concept and integrating into the new development pattern, SISG established the development strategy of "aggregate resources, open and share, and build a safe and efficient iron and steel industry ecological circle, energy conversion, innovation and governance, and building a new benchmark for green intelligent industry development " in the new journey of planning "strong" and promoting high-quality development; It is clear that by 2022, SISG will anchor the world's top 500 enterprises, maintain the annual actual profit of 10 billion, transform into a high-tech enterprise, strive to achieve transformation and upgrading, take the lead in the national state-owned enterprises, take the lead in the domestic strong iron and steel enterprises in terms of comprehensive competitiveness, take the lead in the provincial enterprises in terms of deepening reform, and take the lead in the domestic iron and steel industry in terms of information construction level. We will strive to create a charming SISG with "injecting reform genes, filling market elements, possessing innovative characteristics and full of humanistic feelings".


        Copyright ? 2010 山東鋼鐵集團有限公司魯ICP備10035343號 魯公網安備 37010102000509號
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